What is cruzbiking? It's riding a front wheel drive full size bicycle. A most beneficial posture for pedaling and a way to get you back on a bike! Recumbent riding at its best. Cruzbike was the winner on The New Inventors, 8 June 2011! And Cruzbikes have been on display in other venues in 2011. See Joh Griggs riding the Cruzbike Silvio.

Hi, I'm Kim Tolhurst, the brother of John Tolhurst, designer of the Cruzbike range: front-wheel drive (FWD), upright bicycles. The Cruzbike range starts with a FWD Conversion Kit for those on a budget, or wanting to experiment, through to fully assembled FWD bicycles suitable for recreational riding, commuting, touring or road bike riding.

Listen to my radio interview on Geelong local station, 94.7 The Pulse, in February 2012.

There is more information on the technology and patents behind the Cruzbike range available.

I've been riding Cruzbikes since their inception in 2004.

You can read about how Cruzbikes were designed on this website.

Cruzbikes are my exercise health tick for life: bottom line.

In 2009, the Silvio road bike model set three world records. Recently, the new time trial model, Vendetta, reset the 100 mile (160 km) record - shaving off 28 minutes - with the same rider.

Trial rides for Melbourne, Geelong and their suburbs can be arranged by appointment. We have the complete range of Cruzbikes: Conversion Kits, Softrider, Quest 20 and 26, Silvio and Vendetta (in 2012). In preparation for your first ride, look through our never fail riding instructions for Cruzbikes.

And visit supporters and suppliers useful to the Cruzbike cause.

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