Silvio Fitting

Since the Silvio 1.5 comes as a frameset, with a redesigned bottom bracket arrangement, it is possible to fit a wide range of riders more easily. And since you have the joy of building the bike, you can lavish as much care and attention as you can afford (in time and money).

However, it is important to take the time to make a measurement and order any additional components before you start the build.

One of the key measurements in setting up a recumbent bike is x-seam. Our good friends at BikePro, who love the Cruzbike Silvio, have much to say about fitting you to a diamond frame bike and don't mention x-seam. Over time, Andy and Nick will doubtless have more to say about setting up the Silvio (and maybe the Vendetta) as they work on the Cruzbikes of local riders, over the coming years.

From the moment, we have the sage advice from the genius designer of the Cruzbike range. The key measurement for fitting you to a Silvio 1.5 is the x-seam measurement. In John Tolhurst's words:

"Here is the Cruzbike way to measure x-seam, and it's the most comfortable and convenient way to measure it. You will need a tape measure and a straight back chair on a smooth (uncarpeted) floor. Place the chair facing a wall about two feet away. with your shoes off, sit in the chair with your lower back pressed firmly against the chair's backrest. Place both feet on the wall about 1 to 2 feet above the floor. Push off slowly and gently with your feet, allowing the chair to slide backwards, keeping all four chair legs on the floor and your heels on the wall. When your knees are fully extended (but not "locked out"), stop, get out of the chair without moving it, and measure from the wall to the backrest of the chair (at the level of your lower back). This distance is your x-seam."

Advice from the manufacturers of other recumbents, for measuring x-seam, include that from Bacchetta, Easyracers and RANS, so it is the key measurement to make.

The Silvio 1.5 and Vendetta x-seam chart below shows the sizing for the Silvio and Vendetta for various x-seam measurements (in inches).

For the taller rider there is a chainstay extension for the Silvio 1.5. Again, in John Tolhurst's words:

"When the Silvio is adjusted to a taller rider the crank gets lower to the ground, as it rotates forward. To compensate, we have produced 100mm and 150mm extentions to the chainstay. When these are used, the chain must be lengthened by 200mm and 300mm respectively.

When you order, let us know if you want the 100mm or 150mm version.

As a guide, if you are 180cm tall, take the 100mm, if you are 190cm tall, take the 150mm. Otherwise, you will probably be happy with the standard chainstay length.

If you are adding a Chainstay Extension to your Silvio, is possible to estimate the expected new BB height like this:

  • place a rod vertically at the BB;
  • measure distance from axle to BB, which will be 430mm;
  • take a measure 530mm from the axle to the rod, mark position on rod and see how high this is.
  • repeat for 580mm"

The chainstay extension for the Silvio 1.5 looks like the following image.

Happy fitting and building! And please pass on any comments to us about your experiences and we'll add then to the site.