Bicycles: The Cruzbike Range

Note: For information about the product range - price and availabiity - please CONTACT US.


Sofrider V2.2 26-inch 100 psi tyres POA Best seller
Suitability: Long-distance Touring / Commuter / Trails
V-brakes, 2x8 speed gears (Gain Ratio 2.1-8.5)

Quest 20-inch 100 psi tyres (451) POA (Folding)
Suitability: Suburban /  Touring
Disk brakes, 3x9 speed gears (Gain Ratio 1.6-7.8)

Quest 26-inch 110 psi tyres (559) POA (Folding)
Suitability: Commuter / Touring
Disk brakes, 3x9 speed gears (Gain Ratio 2.0-9.5)

Cruzbike Silvio: Frameset POA
Road bike - fit your own 700cc wheel set,
and groupset (gruppo) Fitting details are available.


Please note that there have been major changes to the product line. Some products have been discontinued and there are new versions of the Silvio and Vendetta.

For riders who want to start where it all began, there is the original Conversion Kit. There is also a kit that has a Cruzbike frameset with rear suspension.

Conversion Kit POA
Sofrider frameset POA


For those riders wanting the ultimate in Cruzbike speed, there is the Vendetta.

Cruzbike Vendetta: Bike (less wheels) POA

Finally, Cruzbike also manufactured a rear wheel drive recumbent: the Sigma.

Cruzbike Sigma: POA

The Sigma is no longer part of the Cruzbike range, but may reappear in the future. There are still some units available for sale.

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