Front Wheel Drive

Health – Safety – Fitness – Fun

It just makes Sense!!

The Evolution Of Bicycling

Hobby Horse, 1820s

Bone Shaker, 1860s

High Wheeler, 1870s

Safety, 1890s

Cruzbike, 2000s

What is cruzbiking?

It’s riding a front wheel drive full size bicycle. A most beneficial posture for pedaling and a way to get you back on a bike! Recumbent riding at its best. Cruzbike was the winner on The New Inventors, 8 June 2011! And Cruzbikes have been on display in other venues in 2011. 

Your first ride

Adjusting the angle of the seat; assemble to middle / average settings, and to what you prefer later.

Also, relaxing in the seat you will find a near to best leg length to pedal distance. This you will naturally adjust to very best as time goes by.

Now, it is recommended to have arms almost straight, being comfortable to push forward and pull back approximately 1″ / 25mm (total movement).

Key Points: Open palms, gentle pressure forward and roll practise.

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